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Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder

echo 550c turns fish into sitting ducks. That’s because of its powerful sonar with 500 watts (RMS) power with Garmin’s exclusive HD-ID target tracking technology. A video-quality 640x480-pixel VGA screen provides you an amazing level of detail on fish returns, structure and bottom contours. With echo 550c, you can see well beyond the sides of your boat thanks to a dual-beam transducer with up to 120 degree viewing angle. Plus the powerful sonar lets you see as deep as 1,900 ft.


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Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder

Fishing is certainly a great activity and it’s not surprising why a lot of people are so into it. When fishing though, you will need to make use of some devices to help your fishing experience become even more enjoyable and one of these devices is the fish finder.

But given the number of fish finders in the market these days, it can be sometimes difficult to choose. One of the fish finder devices that are worth checking out is the Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder. The device certainly helps to maximize your fishing efficiency as it is loaded with great features, such as the sonar which is available in two options, the highly efficient transducer, amazing display and powerful controls.

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As mentioned, the Garmin echo 550c comes with so many great features. First, its sonar has two options, which are the 60 degrees as well as 120 degrees. Next, the dual beam transducer of the device has a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees, allowing you to clearly see even beyond your boat’s sides.

The display screen of the device is also impressive, having a resolution of 80 X 640 pixels. All these display features allow you to easily observe the details right at the bottom contours and of course, the fishes.

The fish finder device also comes with powerful controls. Its front panel includes 6 push buttons as well as a four way cursor pad on the right. The main menu of the control can be easily accessed by means of touching the Menu key.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages of using the Garmin echo 550c fish finder:

  • The device is easy to install and use.
  • It comes with a highly impressive menu that is user friendly.
  • It has an amazing screen display that is clear enough to be seen even when exposed to sunlight.

Here’s one disadvantage of using the fish finder:

  • it could pop out of the holder and fall towards the water.

Garmin echo 550cWhat Customers Say

If you read some of the reviews written by customers who have tried using the Garmin echo 550c fish finder, you will realize that a lot of customers are truly impressed with how the product works. Some of the customers are pleased with its dual beam transducer, clear display, the RMS and wattage, as well as the price. In general, customers would highly recommend the product to all fishing enthusiasts, for both beginners and the pros.

Conclusion On The Garmin echo 550c

Given its high resolution along with some powerful features such as the highly impressive sonar transducer, the Garmin echo 550c fish finder is certainly worth investing on. It is perfect for those who are still starting on the sport and would not mind spending a bit more. Although the device is indeed pricier as compared to other brands of fish finder devices these days, it comes with several great features that will not make you feel regretful for spending that much. With the fact that a lot of customers are truly pleased with the product, it means that there is no reason you won’t be.

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