Is The 4088901 The Best?


Humminbird 4088901 898C HD SI Combo Side Imaging/Down Imaging Dual Beam Fishfinder and GPS with Ethernet

Humminbird 800 Series 898C HD SI Combo GPS-Sonar DualBeam PLUS fishfinder. When widescreen is a must, start with the full-features 800 Series. View sonar images and charts side-by-side with a full range of technology options. Includes unit cover. The generous 7-inch HD screen, 16:9 aspect ratio and new super bright LED of the Humminbird 800 Series SwitchFire, Side Imaging and Down Imaging gives you command of the most versatile sonar technology on the water.


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If you are looking for the best fish finder, you might want to check out the Humminbird 4088901 898C HD SI Combo Side Imaging/Down Imaging Dual Beam Fishfinder and GPS with Ethernet. This is said to be one of the best selling fish finders and is also said to be the best. Because of its price, many people are indeed asking if it is truly the best. That, of course, depends on the user. Depending on the preference and also the expertise of the user, this fish finder can be the best. But nonetheless, this transducer truly is one of the best out there and it can be the best of the best.

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Is The Humminbird 4088901 The Best?

The best way to know if this product is the best fish finder is to know its specs and its features. This way, you will know its advantages and see if it really fits your needs and taste.

Here are some of the features of this Humminbird 4088901 fish finder to help you determine if this is the best transducer for you:

  • 7-Inch Display

One of the things that anglers love about this transducer is its screen size. It is big and can really provide all the information that you need in just a single glance. Even if you have forgotten your glasses or do not want to wear one on fishing expeditions, you can still see all of the info that you need because of its screen size.

  • Depth: 150 ft (SI/DI) 1500 ft (3000 ft for extreme deepwater use)

Humminbird 4088901What is great about this transducer is its depth capacity, which makes it the best fish finder for fishermen. You can truly use this fish finder on extremely deep areas and it will provide you with accurate information. It can even detect and light up rocks and corals, which is quite an advantage for anglers who want to know everything about the fishing area that they are in.

  • Ethernet

Aside from the useful GPS feature, this fish finder also has Ethernet, which is useful in sharing information to other users. You will be able to share sonar views and other information to your peers when you use its Ethernet feature to connect to other fish finders through the Internet, making it the best fish finder in the market today.

  • Side Imaging and Down Imaging Features

Another thing that separates this Humminbird 4088901 fish finder from the rest is its side imaging and down imaging. This will give you full control on sonar views. This will enable you to know a lot about the waters and the surroundings that you are in.

This Humminbird model, the Humminbird 4088901 is truly a great fish finder. It is even considered as the best fish finder by many because of its features. Many users say that the kit contains all the things that you need to use it. Thus, you will have everything you need and won’t need to buy anything else, saving you trouble.

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